Student Spec Work


Bengay is a pain-relief cream for minor, physical pain
It can help with some of life's suffering but not all of it. 

tv spot



Print 1.jpg
Print 3.jpg

Limited edition packaging

We would distribute these in upscale, boutique hotels like The Standard and SoHo Grand. 


demotivational posters

We would place these in gyms like Equinox and Soul Cycle. 

Gym TearAway.jpg
Gym mockup.jpg

pain-relief stations


Bengay will have pain-relief stations at marathons, triathlons, etc.,
in which Bengay products will be distributed for physical pain, and items like the world’s tiniest violin will be given for emotional pain.

Pain Relief Station.jpg
Tiniest Violin.jpg

We will also give out temporary tattoos, that fade away, just like pain.  

I feel nothing.jpg
It only hurts.jpg
Pain Like Life.jpg

Wandered through the abyss with Jack McNamara (CW) and Andrew Tuchow (ST)